How to get Hotel management students for internship in the UAE | DUBAI

How to get Hotel management students for internship in the UAE | DUBAI


RSR hr consultancy is the number 1 recruitment  agency in UAE | Dubai .They are the first agency in Dubai which provides hotel management   internship students to the Star hotels all over united arab emirates . They supply fresh graduates from all over the world those who is looking for opportunity to enter the world of hotel management and  looking to explore the wide range of opportunities 


What are the benefits to hire internship students to hotels 

Internship students enter your company to gain experience from industries . But they also have some great innovative ideas  of perspectives. If they are the  youngest in your  company they have different ideas and skills   . This will entirely change  your team’s diversity, and that can drive innovation and productivity. If you are a person who is looking for interns to your star hotel . i would prefer RSR HR consultancy to you


Hotel management and hospitality is a good career option ?

According to new studies conducted by tourism and training agencies.  Around 105,000 recruits will be needed in the hotel management and hospitality industry over the next five years. An analysis of the employment and training needs of the sector found 25,000 recruits would be needed across a wide range of disciplines. An additional 100,000 vacancies would arise as a direct consequence of continuing labour turnover within individual businesses over the next five year period.


What are  the services of RSR HR CONSULTANCY 

They provide career opportunities in hotel management industries . They recruit young and smart graduates from all over the world which completed hospitality and hotel management studies and provide them opportunity to explore the industry by giving them chance to work in biggies in the industries like burj al arab 


Why dubai is best for hotel management industries

Dubai is one of the most growing places in the world especially . The number of tourists and big star  hotels in the city is very large compared to other places. Dubai is also the most friendly place for people from all over the world. So Dubai is currently the best option for hotel management industry

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