Message from Chairman


Ram Bahadur Lama (Tamang)


RSR Human Resource Consultancy is among the most widely recognized recruitment consultancies in UAE for jobs that acts as a bridge for students, who want to pursue abroad studies. Since its establishment, RSR Human Resource Consultancy has been a future-oriented institution. It has been successfully maintaining & enriching the best scholastic interest of the students.

Our most noteworthy asset undoubtedly is our team of experts. This consultancy firm is overseen by a team with a specialized with specialized set of skills and rich experience. We take great pride in performing our work professionally with passion, integrity and devotion to our clients. Accomplishing positive outcomes has become a habit through effective cooperation encouraging trust and respect for people. One of our focus areas is to support the diversity of our staff, candidates and employers while providing a stable, effective and safe work space.

RSR HR Consultancy has always prioritized selecting the right candidates for the right job. We have confidence in great relations and mutual understanding to grow together which is the key to progress. Our attempt lies in fulfilling every one of the obligations in providing required workforce to our clients within the deadline.

We feel excited and proud of the key contributions of our experts to help students and individuals achieve everything they’ve dreamt of. Our potential candidates can gain valuable information about living life as an international student and the way to keep a balance between their studies and part-time jobs. Also, our tips on grabbing opportunities along the way help them seize their moments. Conveying accurate and comprehensive information and advice is at the core of our principles.

We look forward to having a sound business relationship with top recruiters in Dubai. Together, we can unlock many doors for the right candidates and pave a path to a better future. As always, we value accepting your input and support.

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